1. What comes to mind when you hear the word “worship”? Describe a time in worship when you felt like you had entered the throne room of God?

  2. At its best, worship is a public activity in which God is encountered, and the congregation is filled with wonder, love, and praise. What happens when you catch a glimpse of the glory of Almighty God in worship?

    How is your life transformed by the experience of joining the angels in praise and worship of our Creator God?

  3. When we sing a hymn or song it is one way we worship God. Worship comes from an old Anglo-Saxton word, “Weorthschip” which literally means, “to ascribe worth” The test of a great worship music is not whether it “does anything” for us, but whether it leads us to praise God.

    What hymn or praise song moves you to lift up your heart to God? What is it about that song/hymn that is meaningful to you and enhances your worship experience?

  4. As you read Revelations 4-5, what do you notice about John’s description of the throne room of God?

  5. N.T. Wright says in Simple Christian, that there are two golden rules at the heart of worship. 1 - You become like what you worship, and 2 - worship makes you more truly human. Do you agree with him?

  6. Pastor Heidi quoted St. Augustine in her sermon, he wrote, “God thirsts to be thirsted after.” Do you agree with Augustine’s words? How do you thirst after God?

  7. How does standing before God in worship, gazing in love and gratitude at the one who made you and gives you life, help you be more human?

  8. Describe how worship has been transformational in your Christian life? What signs are evident in your life that you are listening to God in worship and responding to Gods voice?


Focus this week on the three hymns of praise in Revelations 4-5.

Revelations 4: 8, 11

Revelations 5:9-10, 12-13

Use the words of these praise hymns to shape your life this week.