1. What advice would you give someone who is just beginning to study the Bible?

  2. What tools (Commentary, concordance, online tools) have you found most helpful in biblical study? What steps have you taken over the years to energize your own Bible study?

  3. James 1:22 is the central point of the Book of James. Even though this verse is direct and self-explanatory, how would you rephrase it? What does James want us to learn about the Bible from this verse?

  4. Read Hebrews 4:12-13 What does it mean that the Word is “living and active?” What makes the Bible fundamentally different from every other messages we hear? Why do we need it to teach us who we are?

  5. God’s Word always requires a response. How did James illustrate this point for us? Why should we never walk away from time in God’s Word without finding at least one way to apply it to our lives?

  6. What does James mean when he uses the analogy about the mirror in vs. 23-24?

  7. What is the relationship between someone who is “a hearer of the word and not a doer” and the one who looks into the mirror and yet quickly forgets how his face looks? What truth does James want us to know?

  8. Do you think it’s really worthless to hear God’s Word without doing it? Why or why not?

  9. N.T. Wright says in Simply Christian, that the Bible is “an unfinished novel beckoning us to become, in our own right, characters in its closing episodes” How do you fit into God’s story today?

  10. Differing approaches to the Bible can yield nearly opposite conclusions, especially concerning perplexing moral issues. What factors shape your understanding of the Bible? Might 2 people of equal integrity and faith come to very different conclusions about the application of the Bible to a particular issue? Why?

  11. Is one’s interpretation of the Bible as good as another? Why controls ought to govern our interpretation of scripture?

    Lectio Divina - Psalm 1

    What word/phrase did God speak to you?

    What captured your imagination in God’s words?

    What does God want you to do with your word/phrase as you leave today?