1. Do you have a life verse, or a favorite passage or story in the Bible? How has that piece of scripture influenced your life, brought peace to you during troubling times or encouraged you when your faith wavered?

  2. When you approach the Bible, do you see it as an instruction manual, a storybook, an ethics manual or something else?

  3. Why do Christians fight about the Bible, disagreeing on what certain parts of the Bible mean for us today? Do such disagreements keep people from believing the Bible has anything relevant to say to us today? What ideas about the Bible do you reject?

  4. To Say that the Bible is “inspired” is to say that it is “God Breathed” (2 Tim 3:16) What does that mean to you as you read your Bible? How does that impact how you read the Bible and live by what the Bible teaches?

  5. Do you believe that the biblical authors were inspired by God as they wrote? If so, what does that mean? For example, does it mean that they were incapable of making mistakes about history or science?

  6. The problem of an imperfect text is greatest for those who claim that the Bible is “inerrant” that is entirely without errors. Do you hold to this view? If so, how do you account for the Bible’s many textual variants, however insignificant?

  7. What is a modern example of a statement that might easily be misunderstood if one did not know the original context? Can you think of a similar example from the Bible?

  8. What is Biblical authority? How is it helpful as you read the Bible? How might it be problematic?

  9. Is interpretation of the Bible necessary, or can you simply read the Bible and take it at face value? How does the backround, culture, and experience of the biblical author impact what they wrote?

  10. What do you think the Bible is meant to do in our lives, in our Church, in our world?

  11. N.T. Wright says that the Bible is an “unfinished novel beconking us to become, in our own right, characters in its closing chapters” Do you agree with that? If so, how have you become part of God’s ongoing story?


O God, I ask You to meet me in the pages of your Word - Teach me to understand and live by Your Word. Instruct me that i might act as living participant in your ongoing story.