1. What things about Jesus’ life would you like to know more about?

  2. What is your favorite story about Jesus? What is it about that story that has helped you deepen your relationship with Jesus or helped you understand the person and the work of Jesus in a deeper way?

  3. Why does Jesus continue to exercise so much influence on culture today? What is it about Jesus that people want to connect with?

  4. How is Jesus portrayed in popular media? Where is Christianity reinforced, where is it in conflict with modern perceptions of Jesus?

  5. If someone asked you “What is Christianity all about?” How would you answer? What would you emphasize? What does Christianity mean to you?

  6. What is your understanding of the Kingdom Of God? What do you think Jesus meant by the “Kingdom of God?” How was the Kingdom revealed in His actions?

  7. In what ways is the Kingdom of God present in our world today? In what ways is it still a future reality?

  8. Why does Jesus make His announcement about the coming of God’s Kingdom in Galilee? Why not Jerusalem, the center of Jewish religious life?

  9. The Kingdom of God is a primary theme in Mark’s gospel. What do you learn about the nature of timing of the Kingdom of God from these verses?

  10. Think of a time when you tried to turn over a new leaf in regards to your lifestyle or outlook. Or think of the time when you made a decision for Jesus and accepted Him into your life. What changed in your life because of those decisions? What things stayed the same? How did you deal with times when the “old way” seemed to reassert itself again?

  11. Pastor Heidi said that the Greek word for “repentance” is “Metanoia” This word is made up 2 smaller words, “meta” which means change as in metamorphosis - “noia” which means “mind” how does that help your understanding of “repentance?” What new direction, or what new alteration needs to happen in your life for you to have a “changed mind”?

  12. What challenges do 21st century non-believers face in understanding the ideas of repentance and faith? Are these challenges different from other times in history?


Messiah of Israel, be at the center of our lives, just as you are the center of human history. Allow us to play a role in the drama of salvation, just as you are its central actor.

Equip us to bear the Gospel to the world, just as you entered the world to bear witness to God’s reign. Amen