1. Give yourself about three minutes - Complete the statement .. .” God is….. “ Looking at your list, do you see a pattern in your answers?

  2. How do you picture God? Where did this picture come from? How has that picture of God been meaningful to you over the years? How has it changed?

  3. What things might “belief in God” help you to “see clearly?

  4. Is there proof that God exists? How would you explain God’s existence to someone who does not believe in God? Read Ecclesiastes 5:2 and Psalm 115:16. What do these two texts tell you about where God “lives or dwells”? Can God be tied to time and space as we understand it?

  5. N.T. Wright in his book “Simply Christian” says that Heaven is God’s “space” rather than God’s location within our space - time universe. Do you find this way of thinking about God is helpful to you?

  6. What Bible stories illustrate the idea that God is different from, yet active in, creation? Can you think of any exceptions?

  7. Are there special places where you think that God and creation “interlock?” What is it that makes a particular place ‘Holy”?

  8. How have you experienced God ‘s holiness. faithfulness, compassion and eternal presence?

  9. How is God not just the “echo of voice” that we talked about last week, but the voice that leads us to justice, relationships, spirituality and beauty?

  10. Spend some time this week reflecting on your own life experience by answering these three questions - journal, draw, sing your responses

    • Where is God found?

    • When is God found?

    • How is God found?


    Holy One, You are who you are and You will be who You will be. Teach me to relate my life to you in humility, praise, and gratitude. Empower me to be who You have created me to be, and do in this World what You have chosen for me to do. Amen