1. Describe your daily conversations with God. What types of things do you regularly pray for?

  2. Jesus teaches His Disciples how to pray in Matthew 6: 9-13 using something Pastor Heidi talked about, the Lord’s Prayer, Did you grow up knowing the Lord’s Prayer? Was it something you simply recited out of memory or did it have meaning for you? Is the Lord’s Prayer part of your prayer life today?

  3. Jesus prays The Lord’s Prayer - “ Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven…..” Why do we tend to put our priorities over God’s when we pray? What are some ways you can make your priorities more in line with God’s?

  4. We also ask God for our “daily bread” in the Lord’s Prayer. Do you ever ask God to supply your daily needs? Why do you think God is interested in supplying our daily needs? What things might you ask God to supply for you? Are there daily needs you don’t ask God to supply for you? Why?

  5. Describe how God’s forgiveness has changed how you live.

  6. Devoting ourselves to prayer means taking intentional time out of our day to refocus our minds and hearts on God. How can you devote yourself to prayer? If you have a difficult time doing that, how might you begin to make a change in that area of your life?

  7. What do you think would happen in your life and your Church if we devoted ourselves to prayer?

  8. Describe a time when you asked God for something and God answered your prayer. Describe a time when even though you asked God for something, you didn’t get an answer.. Why do you think that was?

  9. Why do some Christians treat prayer like a vending machine or think God is like a Bellhop, being available for us to get what we want when we want it? Why is such a God appealing to some people? How appealing is it to seek God’s will? Which requires more faith, to get what you want or to serve God?

  10. If you could have whatever you wanted, and God gave it to you, what impact would that have on your life and or faith?

    Additional Scriptures:

    1 Chronicles 16:7-36

    Luke 11: 5-13; 18: 1-8

    Jeremiah 29: 10-14

    James 5: 13-16


God, help us to learn persistence in prayer - and to be serious about what we ask of You. Forgive us for wimpy, wispy prayers that we forget soon after praying them.

Teach us instead to be intentional when we pray, to ask, to seek and to knock continually. Amen

Try praying The Lords Prayer everyday this week. Be intentional. Do not just recite the prayer - but pray it with real meaning.