1. What are some of the upsides of being part of a church community? What are some of the risks?

  2. As you read Acts 2, what do you think the connection is between the first 41 verses of the chapter and these last six verses? How did what happened in the first part contribute to what happened in this last part of the chapter?

  3. Why did the church grow so fast in the days after Pentecost? What made the post-Pentecost church so appealing to others?

  4. Read the following passages: John 13:35, Ephesians 4: 1-6, Philippians 4: 2, Galatians 6:10 - As you think of our church, do you experience the unity described in these passages? Why or why not? What is missing from you or from your church?

  5. The word “devoted” is used in verse 42 and means “to give your constant attention to, an ongoing activity” What activities did the early Christians “devote themselves to” in these verses?

    Why did Luke write down these specific activities?

    How devoted are you to each of these things? What needs to change in your life to help you continually devote yourself to those things?

  6. Fellowship or “koinonia” as Pastor Heidi talked about, includes entering into other people’s pain, suffering, and hardship to help shoulder their burdens. Koinonia is also about sharing others joy and celebration as well. How is that understanding of koinonia different than our normal use and expectation of the word fellowship?

  7. How has Jesus made it possible for us to experience “koinonia” community with God? Each other?

  8. Putting together the idea of devotion and koinonia, what does it mean to be devoted to fellowship? What ideas do you have that would help deepen our devotion to the fellowship of believers here at Hope Community Covenant?

  9. What impact would a growing sense of community and koinonia here at Hope have both on us as a church and more broadly on Strathmore?

  10. Is God stirring anything in your heart about how to enter more fully into community life here at Hope in a way you haven’t done before?


    God of community, we pray for our own congregation. May we be a source of hope for our neighborhood.

    Help us to discern needs and work to fulfill them. Strengthen and unify our congregation and show us how we can be the disciples you envision us to be. Return the sick to health and well-being and relieve the suffering of those who have lost loved ones, are unable to find meaningful employment and fear the challenges of old age.

    Guide us, Great Shepard, into your paths of right relationships.

    In Jesus Name we pray, Amen