1. Pastor Heidi used the image of eating as a way for us to understand how to read God’s Word. Think about the ways you eat and experience food and drink. What descriptive words come to mind? Think of the way you approach eating an ice cream cone, food at a banquet, a snack, a humble breakfast, or other occasions for eating. How do those different ways of eating help you or challenge you as you approach eating/reading God’s Word?

  2. Read these three eating scriptures - Jeremiah in Jerusalem (15:16), Ezekiel in Babylon (Ezekiel 2: 8-3:3) and John on Patmos (Revelation 10: 8-11) How have you experienced God’s Word to be something both sour and sweet in your own life?

  3. How is God’s Word like food? Why do we need His Word as the prime instrument for us to survive and thrive? What happens when we seek to dilute or cheapen His Word? What impact does this have on you and Hope?

  4. God’s Word must be experienced personally before we can use it to make it impact on others. How is God’s Word transforming you? How are you making God’s story your story?

  5. How important is it for a child of God to devour the Word on a daily basis? Is there a different between devouring God’s Word and how you normally read God’s Word?

  6. What does the Word of God do in your life? How does it make you wise, helped you to do life rightly, and become “sweeter than honey in your mouth? “

  7. “eat” more of God’s word this week…

Eating Challenge

Part 1

  • Pick a gospel, a psalm, or another book in the Bible.

  • Read and begin to chew on it, let it get under your skin. Don’t rush, read the words slowly, one paragrph at a time. One chapter a week.

  • No speed eating, taste, savor and enjoy!

Part 2

  • Begin to live what you read, don’t waste any of it.

  • Root God’s Word in your life, let it seep into your very bones.

  • Journal the things you are learning. How is your life changing because of what you are reading?


O Holy God, how sweet your words are to taste, sweeter than honey on the tongue. Because you desire us to know Your holy Word. Help us to read it night and day.

O Holy Spirit, come to us this day and teach us sweet words again! Make our minds and thoughts richer, so that we may know your law and your word can show us your loving and wise heart. Amen