1. Do you have a life verse, or favorite passage or story in the Bible? How has that scripture influenced your life, brought peace to you during troubling times or encouraged you when your faith wavered?

  2. Do you “take your spiritual pulse” by the regularity of your Bible reading? In what ways might this be good and/ or bad?

  3. How might your experience of reading the Bible be different if you’re trying to make a meal of it instead of reading it for helpful or inspiring bits?

  4. To say that the Bible is “inspired” is to say that it is “God breathed” (2 Tim. 3:16) What does that mean to you as your read your Bible? How does that impact how you read the Bible and live by what the Bible teaches?

  5. Do you believe that the biblical authors were inspired by God as they wrote? If so, what does that mean? For example, does it mean that they were incapable of making mistakes about history or science?

  6. The problem of an imperfect text is greatest for those who claim that the Bible is “inerrant”, that is entirely without errors. Do you hold to this view? If so, how do you account for the Bible’s many textual variants, however insignificant?

  7. What is a modern example of a statement that might easily be misunderstood if one did not know the original context? Can you think of a similar example from the Bible?

  8. Pastor Heidi talked about the Bible as a signpost that points us to God, as a lens that helps us see God, as the Lord’s Supper where we experience the presence of God and as light that shows us God even in the darkness of our life experience. Which one of those images speaks to how you understand the Bible? Is there another image that speaks more strongly to you of the power of the Bible to transform your life?

  9. Consider Paul’s word to Timothy in 2:14. “But as for you, continue in what you have learned and become convinced of, because you know those from whom you learned it. “ In this letter, Paul reminds Timothy not only what he has learned, but here he also notes whom Timothy has learned it from.

Who is someone who has taught you how to live out the truths found in the Bible in your own life? This week, consider writing a letter to one person that helped raise you up in faith. Or write to someone who has recently helped teach you new things in the scriptures you never would have learned on your own.


O God, I ask you to meet me in the pages of your Word. Teach me to understand and live by your Word. Instruct me that I might act as living participant in your ongoing story. - Amen