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Moses, Moses, Moses.

One of the most fascinating characters of the entire Bible. So fascinating in fact that director Ridley Scott and actor Christian Bale have decided it was worth spending almost $150 million dollars making a movie to tell his story.  But before Holywood turns it’s creative engines toward the story of Moses we thought we would take some time this fall to explore his story through the biblical lens.

No character has had as deep an impact on the shape of the Jewish scripture as Moses.  He speaks face-to-face with God, heads a revolt against the Pharaoh, leads his people out into the wildreness, and is credited by some wth authoring Torah (the first five books of the Bible). And yet somehow, Moses remains a very human character accessible to all of us.

Over the next eight weeks we will follow Moses from his ignominious beginnings as a baby in a basket through to his destiny as the leader of a fledgling nation.  Hang on.


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