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 Jesus taught primarily in parables.  Short pithy stories that surprise us with Jesus’ unique perspective on life.  These parables centre around three main concepts.  Kingdom, Grace and, wait for it…Judgement.  In this series we intend to face into the hardest parables, those that give us Jesus’ unique perspective on judgement.

As Kyle Snograss explains:

Discourse we tolerate; to story we attend.  Story entertains, informs, involves, motivates, authenticates, and mirrors existence.  By creating a narrative world, stories establish an unreal controlled universe.  The author abducts us and-almost god-like-tells us what reality exits in this narrative World, what happens, and why.

And as we immerse ourselves in Jesus’ narrative world-we hope to be transformed by the experience.

 Sundays: Worship Celebration Service at 10:00 am