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Perhaps we need to re-learn our Christian vocabulary once and a while.  First, grace.  Was there ever a more comforting hope?  But what does grace intend for us?  And then, freedom.  Was there ever a more captivating vision?  But what does freedom look like as we follow Jesus?

While we know these words, and love what they represent, we want to push beyond what we already know.

Here we head into the heart of an enduring controversy.  For a long time now, people have wrestled with freedom and grace, law and identity.  Paul’s letter to the Galatians is a primary example of this, a letter written in the white-hot heat of argument.  Perhaps, at times, you too find yourself conflicted, gravitating either towards dutiful rule-following, or towards inattentive casualness.  

Our hope in this series is to capture, along with Paul, the radical reinvention of religion he experienced in Christ.


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