2015 ECCC Lenten Reader

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Learning & Growing Opportunities:

Pray - February 23

Grief Group - February 24

50+ Gathering - February 25

Women’s Ministry - Feb 26

How to Read the Bible - March 1

Women’s Bible Study - March 12




















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The last book of the Bible is most intriguing.  And most easily mis-understood.  So how should we read it?  

The disciple John, now old and in exile on the island of Patmos, is given a series of visions.  And what visions they were!  Beasts and bowls, scrolls and seals, trumpets and angels, heavenly song and earthly war.  While certainly thrilling, this is not easy reading.  A certain kind of literary dexterity is needed.  Perhaps most important is a deep acquaintance with the whole long story of God which precedes this book.

The reality is that most of the Revelation is a retelling of what has already been said in Scripture.  The future is a projection of the past, but only if we can see truly what has already happened.  Memory matters, and so does imagination.

This, we come to find out, is history told in another form.  And history, in God’s hands, is the whole long story from past to present to future: this is God’s story, and God will bring it to a proper conclusion.

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